Four -year  Course Cycle BTTM

First Semester
Credit Hour
English 3
Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism Management 3
Tourism Economics(Micro/Macro) 3
Principles of Management 3
Computer and Information Technology 3
Second Semester
Business Communication 3
Travel Service Operations Management –I 3
Tourism in Nepal 3
Tourism  and Hospitality Accounting 3
Hospitality Operations and Management 3
Third Semester
Eco-Tourism 3
Business Finance 3
Travel Service Operations Management-II 3
Air Travel Operations 3
Language-I(French/Chinese/Spanish) 3
Fourth Semester
Tourism Marketing 3
Human Resource Management for Tourism 3
Language-II(French/Chinese/Spanish) 3
Culture and Social Psychology for Tourism 3
Destination Development Management 3
E-Tourism 3
Fifth Semester
Statistics 3
Entrepreneurship in Travel and Tourism 3
Sustainable Tourism Development 3
Airlines Ticketing GDS 3
Tourism geography 3
Tour Guiding and Escorting Skills 3
Sixth Semester
Adventure Tourism 3
Tourism Planning and Policies 3
Air Cargo Management 3
Nepalese Society and Politics 3
Event Management (Office  Tourism) 3
Seventh Semester
Industrial Attachment(6 month in Travel agent/Trekking Agency/Airlines) 12
Project report 3
Eight Semester
Tourism Legislation 3
Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism 3
Culture heritage and Religion  Tourism 3
Elective –I 3
Elective –II 3
Tourism and Aviation
Tourism for Peace and Progress
Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism
Airlines Operation Management
Visitor Management
Food and Beverage Service