Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)


Hotel Management is a four years full-time semester system program ideal for students with an international drive, entrepreneurial flair, commercial insight and a service-minded approach. In addition to management skills, considerable attention is being paid to professional skills and theory in order to help you develop the right attitude for the industry. Four -year  Course Cycle BHM


Upon graduation, the students will be able:

  • To occupy supervisory positions in the hotels and catering industry with an adequate background of management functions.
  • To acquire basic technical and social skills required for professional handling of hotel and catering operations.
  • To apply cost control measures for greater economy and success of business operations.
  • To set a standard of quality assurance of the service offered to customers.
  • To become a successful entrepreneur in a small/medium scale enterprise.

Rules & Regulation for Students

 Admission and fee:

  1. The students who have been selected for admission will have to pay all fees within the dates prescribed by the college. If not, his/her admission will be treated as cancelled.
  2. Complete tuition fees and other fees for the whole session will have to be paid by the students who are willing to cancel their admission at any time for any reason.
  3. Without submission of complete session fees, no certificate of any kind will be issued. No refund will be paid to any amount paid by the student at the time of admission and later.
  4. Students failing to pay the semester fee at mentioned date will be accompanied with a fine of Rs.20 per day.

General Rules:

  1. All instructions issued by the program Coordinator shall have to obey by students. The students will be accountable for their behaviour on the college premises. Proper Actions will be taken against the students violating the rules and regulations of the college or behaving in an absurd manner and will be rusticated from the college. It is assumed that the students and their parents and /or guardians have read and understood these rules and college prospectus thoroughly.
  2. Students should show respect and politeness towards all staff members at college and their fellow students, including girls. Any act of sexual harassment, ragging, disobedience, anti-social behaviour or harassment of girl students are punishable offences and will be dealt with the utmost severity.
  3. The learning infrastructure such as college books, room furniture, fans, sports equipment’s and facilities in general provided by the college to the students should be used by students in proper manners. Otherwise, the cost of damage done will have to be borne by concerned students.
  4. All notices except any special notices will be displayed on Notice Board. The students should read notice board on regular basis.
  5. It is mandatory for every student to receive prior permission of the program coordinator for publishing and matter related to college. Any breach of this rule may lead to the outright expulsion of the student from the college.
  6. The students should attend classroom teaching and not roam in corridors or waste time during working hours or free classes. But, they should go to the library and reading room facilities.
  7. The students should carry identity Card during the entire duration of college.
  8. Any unhealthy habits such as Smoking, gutka/paan chewing are strictly prohibited. Similarly, ragging is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the offenders are liable to face legal action.
  9. The change of address and contact details should be notified to the college office.
  10. The campus should be kept clean and hygienic. It is the responsibility of students to maintain cleanliness on the campus. Any student found littering the college premises or spitting on the wall or causing any dirtiness will be severely penalized.
  11. It is binding on all students to follow the college decisions in all matters relating to admission, administration and enforcement of discipline and general rules and special instructions mentioned in this prospectus.
  12. Students should clearly mention their health problems if they have, prior to the admission. If stated in between should be ready to follow the action taken by the college.
  13. Any amend or change in rules and system of college, should be followed by students.
  14. Students should always be happy to participate in college activities what so ever told or mentioned.
  15. Leave to the students are not provided until and unless approved by the program coordinator in prior.
  16. Students should immediately inform the program coordinator in case of a change in contact numbers provided to college. (Student’s parent’s or guardian’s).

Attendance of Students:

  1.  It is mandatory for the students to attend at least 80% of the lecturers(including theoretical and practical) delivered in each subject, satisfy the college authorities regarding their general progress and measure up to the minimum standard to physical efficiency prescribed in order to qualify for the board/University examinations.
  2. A chart of monthly attendance record will be displayed regularly for the information of students so as to make them aware of the incompleteness of attendance.


  1.  Stringent disciplinary actions will be taken against students not appearing in Examinations conducted by the college. They will be fined.
  2. Students not appeared in examination or failed with low grade are not allowed to sit in board examination.
  3. Students should fill the examination form and pay the examination fee to the university on the mentioned date and time.
  4. Students failing to prove their 80% attendance are strictly not allowed to sit in Examination by the University.



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