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This course for Indian Cook is a competency based short term training course. It is designed to produce employable graduates in the field of Indian cooking profession/occupation equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the same field. The main emphasis given in this course is on the skills for employment. In this program, the trainees will practice skills related to Indian cooking in hotels and restaurants. Once the trainees acquire the competencies they will have ample opportunity for wage/self employment through which they will contribute in the national streamline of poverty reduction.


The main aim of this program is to produce employable graduates in Indian cuisines who can provide cooking services in the hotel and restaurants in the country.


 After completion of this training program the trainees will be able to:

  1. Develop the concepts of cooking
  2. Maintain hygiene
  3. Prepare various Indian food items  that include:
    • Prepare gravies( eg: red gravy, white gravy,  yellow gravy, etc)
    • Prepare soups( eg: muligatwany, paya, tomato, rasam, etc)
    • Prepare appetizers and accompaniments(eg: green salad, papad, samosa, etc)
    • Prepare breads(plain naan. Kashmeri naan, khasta, etc)
    • Prepare daals (balck, yellow rajma, etc)
    • Prepare meats and fishes (chicken korma, nargish kofta, chicken patila, fish amritshiri, prawn, mutton vindalo,  etc)
    • Prepare rice (eg: pullo, biryani, etc)
    • Prepare vegetables(eg: mixed veg, veg. korma, malai kofta, etc)
    • Prepare desserts(eg: gulab jamun. Rasbari, rice pudding, etc)


3 months (i.e. 3×130 hours equal to 390 hours

 Target Group:

All interested individuals in the field of Indian cooking with educational prerequisite of minimum of class five pass

Group Size:

Maximum 20

Group Number:

As per the need of the target group

Medium of Instruction:

Nepali or English or both

Pattern of Attendance:

Trainees should have 90% attendance during the training period to get the certificate.

Course Fee per Participants:

As per the group number

Food in NCTTM Canteen:

In progress

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