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  • The CMAT 2021 for MTTM is Open Now. Please click on: (Online CMAT Form) tab to fill up the CMAT form for MTTM 2021. | Dear Students, This is notify you that due to severe covid situation and our foremost importance is the health of student, staff and faculties, we are conducting classes online via MS Teams for BTTM, BHM & BTTM program.

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Following subjects are taught in NCTTM college.

Course Cycle BTTM Course Cycle BHM Course Cycle MTTM
First Semester First Semester First Semester
ENG 311: English ENG 311: English MTM 503: Marketing Management
TTM 315: Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism Management MGT 311: Principles of Management MTM 552: Tourism Economics
ECO 307: Tourism Economics BHM 301: Food Production and Patisserie-I MTM 551: Principles of Tourism & Hospitality Management
MGT 311 : Principles of Management BHM 311: Food and Beverage Service –I MTM 502: Research Methodology
ITC 307: Computer and Information Technology BHM 321: House Keeping Operations MTM 501: Organizational Behavior

Second Semester Second Semester Second Semester
ENG 203: Business Communication ENG 203: Business Communication MTM 553 Tourism Entrepreneurship
TTM 336: Travel Service Operation Management – I BHM 324: Hotel Accounting MTM 504 Financial Planning & Control
TTM 332: Tourism in Nepal BHM 302: Food Production and Patisserie – II MTM 554 Tourism Law and Environment
TTM 334: Tourism and Hospitality Accounting BHM 312: Food and Beverage Service Operation-II MTM 555 Travel Information Management
TTM 335: Hospitality Operations & Management BHM 322: House Keeping Management MTM 556 Strategic Tourism Management

Third Semester Third Semester Third Semester
TTM 344: Eco Tourism BHM 323: Food Science & Nutrition MTM 557 Strategic Human Resource Management
TTM 305: Business Finance ACC 311: Cost and Management Accountancy MTM 558 International Tourism & Contemporary Issues
TTM 338: Air Travel Operation BHM 303: Food Production and Patisserie III MTM ELAR Elective Area-I (Select Any Two)
TTM 340: Chinese Language BHM 313: Food and Beverage Service III MTM 651 Internship Project (Internship project within the host organization)
TTM 340: French Language BHM 319: Front Office Operations I
TTM 340: Spanish Language
ELECTIVE AREA-I Any Two (3rd Sem)

Fourth Semester MTM 601: Management of Travel Agency & Tour Organizations
Fourth Semester MGT 314: Human Resources Management MTM 602: Sustainable Tourism
TTM 341: Tourism Marketing BHM 325: Food Production Management MTM 603: Crisis Management in Tourism
TTM 331: Human Resource Management for Tourism BHM 326: Food and Beverage Management MTM 604: Airlines Operations Management
TTM 342: Chinese Language BHM 320 Front Office Management MTM 605: Conflict Transformation and Peace Building
TTM 342: French Language FIM 311: Financial Management MTM 606: Event and Conference Management
TTM 343: Culture and Social Psychology for Tourism

TTM 344: Destination Development Management Fifth Semester Fourth Semester
TTM 345: E-tourism BHM 330: Hospitality Marketing and Sales MTM 559: Strategic Tourism Marketing

STT 311: Statistics MTM 560: Tourism Planning and Policy Analysis
Fifth Semester BHM 331: Fundamentals of Tourism Elective Area-II (Select Any Two)
TTM 306: Statistics ECO 311: Economics Final Project
TTM: 333: Entrepreneurship in Travel and Tourism BHM 327: Facility Planning and Management
TTM 346: Sustainable Tourism Development MIS 311: Management Information Systems ELECTIVE AREA-II Any Two (4th Sem)
TTM 347: Airlines Ticketing Global Distribution System (GDS)
MTM 607: Hotel Operation Management
TTM 348: Tourism Geography Sixth Semester MTM 608: National Parks Management
TTM 349: Tour Guiding and Escorting Skills Industry Exposure MTM 609: Tourism Impact Management

Internship Report MTM 610: Public Relations and Promotions
Sixth Semester
MTM 611: Tourism Product Development
TTM350: Adventure Tourism Seventh Semester MTM 612: Contemporary Issues in Tourism (Seminar Course)
TTM 351: Tourism Planning and Policies Industry Exposure
TTM 352: Air Cargo Management Project Report
SOC 312: Nepalese Society and Politics

TTM 353: Event Management (Office Tourism) Eighth Semester

BHM 328: legal Environment for Hospitality
Seventh Semester MGT 313: Organizational Behavior
Industrial Attachment MGT 312: Strategic Management
(6 Month in Travel agent/Tekking Agency/Airlines) BHM 329: Entrepreneurship for Hospitality
Project Report SOC 312: Nepalese Society and Politics

Seventh Semester Elective Course (Any One)
TTM 339: Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism BHM 450: Cultural Resources of Tourism in Nepal
TTM 354: Tourism Legislation BHM 451: Quality Management
TTM 355: Culture Heritage and Religion



Eighth Semester

TTM 445: Tourism and Aviation

TTM 446: Tourism for Peace and Progress

TTM 447: Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism

TTM 448: Airline Operations and Management

TTM 450: Food and Beverage Services

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